Although the two primary types of gold jewelry that you’ll find on the market today are yellow gold or white gold, there are actually a wide variety of different colors in which this treasured commodity can be found. When copper is added to gold, for example, it begins to take on a very warm, almost pink color. To achieve a red, rosy color, more copper is simply added to the mix.

There is no difference between the value of a rose gold piece of jewelry or a yellow gold piece. The only difference is the type of metal that has been used to alloy itself to the gold to make it a firmer metal that is suitable for wearing.

Does 24 Karat Gold Jewelry Actually Exist?

There are jewelry items that are made from 24K gold, but because the material is so soft, it can warp when it is made in traditional designs. For that reason, most jewelry makers avoid using pure products. If they do end up using 24K gold, they will use it as plating only.

Even though 24K gold is only used for the plating, the jeweler can still market the item as a 24K gold piece. Why is this? Because they can state the purest amount of gold that can be found on the item. In comparison, if you sell the jewelry, you’ll get the lowest amount of karat price. If a set of 10K gold earrings that was plated in 24K gold were sold, the price would just be at the 10K price.

The other issue with pure 24K gold jewelry is that it is very expensive. Not only do you have the weight cost to pay for these items, but you’ll also have a designer cost in creating the jewelry that is wanted. This means you could end up paying 10x more for your gold chain than the actual price of the gold that it contains! That’s why looking for more affordable investment options makes sense if you’re looking at gold.

Where Can Different Types of Gold Be Found?

One of the most popular forms of gold in the world today comes from South Dakota. Called Black Hills Gold, this metal is influenced by the various minerals, ores, and metals that can be found in the soil. When the gold is removed from this environment, it can be in a multitude of different colors. No two pieces of Black Hills Gold jewelry look alike!

Another popular method of creating stunning gold jewelry comes from Russia. They popularized the rose colored gold and they also created stunning jewelry that consists of yellow, white, and rose colored gold that can become really good collector’s pieces as well. It all depends on what your personal preferences are, what your investment goals need to be, and what future markets might be attracted to in terms of purchasing.

Just remember this: the focus on your gold jewelry should be on the amount of karats first and then the color second. Do that and you’ll make a sound investment!